Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

Happy 2 year Anniversary to Meredith & Brian! Y'all are officially the GOOFIEST people I know! But I love you both!

I wish I could say I was super productive this weekend, but unfortunately I wasn’t. At least not for the most part. Chase had to work Friday night, so I went and ate with some friends and went to Meredith’s to watch a movie afterwards. Chase came over when he got off of work, and we babysat Buttons for the night. On Saturday, I had TONS of things that I wanted to get done: clean the kitchen, clean out the guest bedroom, get groceries, do some laundry, clean the bathroom, fold the towels, get all of my Christmas boxes into the garage instead of sitting in our front room.

Unfortunately, all I did was clean the kitchen and grocery shop.

I tried to get other stuff done, I really did. I just couldn’t get motivated to move on from the kitchen. BUT, my kitchen is spotless now. It’s also super organized thanks to sweet Chase’s help on Sunday afternoon. (Although I think his help was just built up frustration on how UN-organized I am. Either way, he helped so that’s fine with me!)

Sunday I woke up feeling awful, so I didn’t go to church. I pretty much just lounged all day except for the 2 hours or so where I got a sudden burst of energy and organized the kitchen. I figured I’d stay home Sunday night to just in case I was getting that bug that’s going around.

Today my mom and I met Ali and my dad at one of my FAVORITE little restaurants, Cucos. It a little Cuban sandwich shop over by my parents’ house. And tonight I’m going (dateless) to our Sunday Schools Valentine banquet. Dana and I are going together since our hubby’s decided to abandon us. (I shouldn’t complain, mine will be like 30 minutes away, while hers is in Panama)

I just found out that our receptionist Renee lost her 25 year old son, Josh, in an auto accident today. He left behind a wife and a 5 year old son, so PLEASE keep them all in your prayers. Renee is a wonderful Christian lady, and I hate that she has to go through something so traumatic and devastating, but I’m glad that she knows she has a God in Heaven that can get her through it. Please keep my boss in your prayers too. She is a close friend of Renee’s family and she is having a hard time with this, along with trying to figure out how we’re going to handle everything in Renee’s absence.

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