Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Is today Wednesday? I’ve been completely lost as to what day it is all week. I went to bed last night thinking that it was going to be Thursday when I woke up. When I woke up this morning, I still thought it was Thursday. I was trying to figure out all morning what I was going to make for dinner tonight (since I basically only cook on Mondays and Thursdays). It wasn’t until I went to eat lunch with Meredith that I realized it was Wednesday. Funny thing, she thought it was Thursday too! Glad I’m not the only crazy person.

We got to talking about our trip to Florida and I am just super pumped. I really want to go to Disney World again. I need new pictures. Last time we went I had just turned 17 and I don’t think I knew what “presentable in public” meant. Seriously, did my family know how bad I looked? Did I own a hairbrush? Or tweezers? Or clothes that weren’t hideous?

Granted, I was never one to really care what I looked like when I was in high school. I was way more interested in hanging out with my friends that trying to get a boyfriend, but still! When I have kids and I show them pictures from when their mommy went to Disney World, I don’t want them to say “Who’s that scary girl with Mickey Mouse?”

Then I got to thinking; that trip took place a few months after I had met Chase. Did he realize how bad I looked? He probably didn’t due to the fact that he had a girlfriend at the time (and a very pretty one I might add! I bet she owned a pair of tweezers…), but we became friends shortly after this trip. Maybe I looked bad on this trip because it was humid and hot. Yeah, I’m sure that’s it. I just figured, “Hey, it’s hot and I’m in another state, so I’ll abandon all sense of style and grooming this week.”

I would let you see these pictures, that way you could judge yourself whether or not I just had a bad week or if I actually looked like that all the time, but I’m too scared of the answers I might get. So they will stay safely tucked away in my drawer at home.


MereAl said...

hey hey your blog name's gay,
we don't like it no, no way.
we think you should change the name,
because your's is oh so lame.
Let us know what you think,
But we don't really give a kaplink!
Love ya,
Mere and Al

Lauren said...

Y'all are so weird.

I'm guessing you couldn't come up with a word that rhymed with "think?"