Monday, March 31, 2008

Never again.

So, last night we went and ate Hibachi for LeAnns’ birthday. We always go to the same place, Oi Shii in Lake Worth. It’s DE-licious, so you must try it if you haven’t already. Anyways, we all order the hibachi stuff, while Chase’s Uncle Don always orders sushi. I’ve always wanted to try sushi, but just never had the courage. I mean, I love seafood, and I love Chinese, and pretty much any other Asian food, it would only be natural that I like sushi, right? I’d heard from several different people that the California Roll was about the most tame kind of sushi, so when Uncle Don asked me if I wanted to try it, I gave in and said yes. I mean, come on, CHASE even likes it and we KNOW how he is when it comes to food. So, they dipped it in a little soy sauce and …

I don’t remember the last time I wanted to spit out my food that quickly.

Seriously, I was gagging, but I somehow managed to swallow it. I don’t even know if I chewed it more than 3 times before I swallowed it whole. I honestly couldn’t take it. The last time I’ve tried something that bad was in Thailand – and it looked like snot.

Sushi is not for me.
*Florida pics coming soon....

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