Monday, March 10, 2008

Well I had a super fun weekend!! I went on a much needed date with my hubby, I got to hang out with Shelby, which I LOVE doing, and I went shopping with Meredith!

Chase told me to pick where we were going to eat on Friday night. Now usually, this is were I come up with somewhere we never go, or haven’t gone in a long time. So where did we end up?? Chili’s @ Fossil Creek. Original, huh? We’ve actually both been to Chili’s within the last 2 weeks (Chase had actually gone on Wednesday) but it just sounded so good to both of us. And it was sooo yummy. Afterwards we went to Baskin-Robbins where my perfect evening hit a bump in the road when I arrived to find that they didn’t have my favorite flavor, Pink Bubblegum. Luckily I found a flavor that had dark chocolate and brownie chunks, so all was well. We got home and were watching a couple of episodes of The Office when Shelb got hold of me and asked us to go the movies. I just LOVE her, and I hadn’t seen her in a while, so I was way excited to see her!

I usually pride myself on being able to find my way around pretty much anywhere. Sometime it’s like I have a built-in GPS in my head. Well, that was not the case on Saturday. Yes – I got lost. Technically, I wasn’t lost lost (Chase is going to kill me for doing my double word thing). I knew how to get back to where I came from, but I just figured if I kept driving, I would eventually find my way. Meredith thought that would be a good idea too. We were WRONG. Apparently I’m just not all that familiar with the Hulen area. I had gotten stuck in a turn only lane, and instead of turning around, we just figured we’d keep going and find another way. I checked the map today to see where I actually was. WOW. If I had wanted to drive straight into Benbrook Lake, I would have been right on target. But unfortunately, that is NOT where I was trying to go. Too bad Chase had TomTom with him, since he’s normally the directionally challenged one. It could have definitely helped!

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