Friday, April 4, 2008

I found him!!

When I pulled in to the driveway, there was a man who looked a lot like him cleaning Chase’s truck out…since it had been so long since I had seen Chase, I didn’t’ recognize him at first. But shortly after, he followed me into the house and told me to get dinner on the table in 15 minutes, and I KNEW it was him.

Just kidding,.

I did get to see him for about 20 minutes before he had to leave for work though. I was rushing around like a mad woman trying to hurry and make brownies to take to Lanee’s for our girls’ night which was lots of fun! Just a bunch of girls hanging out and eating food…doesn’t get much better than that! Everyone started leaving around 9 or 9:30, but Lanee was sweet enough to let me stay over there until 11:00 since Chase wasn’t at home yet and Travis was still up at the church in a meeting.

I’ll try to upload some pics this weekend!

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