Friday, June 6, 2008

Don't say I didn't warn you...

Disclaimer: After looking at these photos, you will not hold these things against me. You will not judge me or my housekeeping abilities based on what you see. None of that "You should see her house, it's always a mess" whispering that you KNOW people know what I'm talking about. Please remember, that this is only temporary and will be fixed this weekend, Lord willing.

Ok, I'll quit being stupid and just post the pics.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering why my kitchen chairs are in my living room, I was painting a big panel, and I was using the kitchen to do it. Unfortunately I didn't finish before I started feeling bad, so my 2 day project turned into a 1 day project that sat on my kitchen table for a week. That also explains why the TV tray has served as our temporary kitchen table all week.

And I still don't care. :)

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Rach said...

Well I knew you guys had been sick but I didn't know you were THAT sick! Just kidding :) I know that when I am not feeling good I don't want to do a thing...especially clean up. And I only have my one room to worry about while you have a whole house and a husband. Atleast you can still see your carpet!