Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

My darling hubby and I are in for a lot of work. We are finally getting to do some of the house renovations that have sat on our minds for the last 2 years. In an effort to hold myself motivated and accountable, I’m going to try posting before and after photos and updates.

Chase and I have a list of everything we want to get done, and it’s sorted by room, priority, and price. WE’RE SERIOUS, PEOPLE! We have to keep up with it so we don’t end up spending too much at one time. We’re not updating the house just because we want to, it really needs it. Our house was built in 1970. When we bought it, it was decorated as if it had been built in…well, I don’t know. It was just bad. I need to get the pictures off of my mother-in-law’s camera. It was absolutely hideous, in every sense of the word.

To describe it in 10 words: Green carpet, mirrors, mirrors, green carpet, wood, green carpet, mirrors.

Luckily since it was a foreclosure, we made a little deal with the bank and ended up getting about $1,600 to make it livable. Boy did we ever stretch that money! It definitely helped that we had family and friends helping us out tremendously. HUGE thanks to all of them! Sadly I really don’t know who all else helped. I was busy planning the wedding and the house was Chase’s problem. In the beginning, it was our project, but he was going to be doing all the work while I planned the wedding.

Poor thing, he quickly learned to start making all the decisions without me. I believe some of my statements were: “I don’t care what doors you get!! I’m planning a wedding and when I’m done, all I know is I’d better not see one SPECK of green carpet!” Or better yet, “That is NOT the paint color I asked for! Are you color-blind?! Should we schedule you an eye appointment? Sandstone Cove & Seaside Sand are COMPLETELY different! You’re ruining my life!”

Honey, if you’re reading this, I’m really sorry. I was on drugs.

Anyways, hopefully I’ll get some pictures posted this week of the before and after as it is now.

And if you’ve actually managed to read this all the way through, good for you! As a prize you’re invited to come help me paint the exterior of the house when we get to it!

I pay in food.

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Rach said...

I'll take you up on that prize and come help you paint your house...don't forget about the payment in food though :) I never saw your pictures from before so I am looking forward to seeing that!