Thursday, July 17, 2008

Posey is such a cute name :)

Dear sweet & adorable hubby,

I’m in love with Posey. Okay, maybe not LOVE, but I like her a whole-whole lot. I know it's asking a lot but just keep reading...

I promise if I got her, I would take really good care of her. I’d even let other people come over and see her.

I’ll pay lots of attention to her. I’ll even sit by her on the floor next to her while I watch TV or read.

I’ll clean her every single week, and she won’t shed!

And if she does shed just a tiny bit, it will blend in with the carpet, so it’s okay.

She won’t get any bigger than she already is, so she won’t outgrow our small home.

I know her fee of $599 is a little out of our price range, but I really think she’s exactly what we’re looking for, so if you’d please consider letting me get her, I’d really appreciate it!


Your dear, loving, kind, lonely-without-Posey wife

P.S. I think if you see her you’ll love her too, so here’s a few pictures! The first one is just her, and the second is a pic of her in her foster home.



you are officially a big loser than me.

Rach said...

Wow Lauren, you had me going there for awhile. I love it though!

Anonymous said...

allson coopah cant speak no english. "big loser than me?"

FireMom said...

Ha. :) Love it.