Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Simple Equation #2

Question: A Bad Day + __________ = A GREAT Day


Oops! Wrong picture!

How in the world did that happen?

I mean to put...


My precious hubby!


Anonymous said...

just cause your husband saw the other one, doesnt mean this new one makes nice w/ him.

Amelia Elaine said...

Lauren, couldn't find your email anywhere to write you directly. You had posted on my blog and asked where the quilt in the picture of my daughter came from. Funny you should ask since you found my blog through Angie's...Angie handmade that quilt as a gift for Amelia when she was born. So, unfortunately it is a one of a kind! Love your blog...keep enjoying your husband :) God Bless, Audra

Rach said...

That's a really good picture of y'all. You keep up with your blog better thatn I do :) See you later!