Thursday, August 14, 2008


I've been really bad lately about blogging. I have a lot to tell (anniversary, cars, house updates), but I've just been super busy. So in the meantime, here's an ABC Meme!

* A - Attached or single: Attached
* B - Best Friend: Chase
* C - Cake or Pie: lemon meringue pie :)
* D - Day: Saturday
* E - Essential Items: cell, earrings, mascara
* F - Favorite Color: it changes constantly – right now probably green.
* G - Gummy Bears or Worms: sour gummy worms
* H - Hometown: North Richland Hills
* I - Indulgences: ice cream
* J - January or July: July
* K - Kids: none
* L - Life is incomplete without: Jesus Christ
* M - Marriage Date: August 5, 2006
* N - Number of Siblings: 3 – Meredith, Ross, Allison
* O - Oranges or Apples: oranges
* P - Phobia or Fears: roaches, rodents, & tornadoes
* Q - Quote: John 3:16
* R - Reason to Smile: My hubby
* S - Season: Spring
* T - Tag two: Rachel & Allison
* U - Unknown fact about me: I create worst possible scenarios in my head ALL THE TIME. For example: Driving down the road, Chase swerves to avoid getting hit. For the next 5 minutes, I picture everything from exchanging insurance info w/ whoever could have hit us to imagining who all would be at our funerals if we had been killed. Or what if just one of us had been killed? It's actually led me to start crying before, on several different occasion. Yes, I'm crazy.
* V - Vegetarian or Not: Nope – couldn’t live w/o bacon.
* W - Worst habit: probably thinking up worst case scenarios.
* X - X-rays or Ultrasounds: x-rays. Never had an ultrasound
* Y - Your favorite food: pasta!
* Z - Zodiac sign: Pisces – although I think that stuffs a joke.

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