Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, I couldn’t let September go by with out one post. Unfortunately, not much has been going on, so just as a warning, this is going be boring.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1. Gazing (or maybe gawking) over baby clothes that I’m going to get to start buying for my little niece/nephew. I have to keep from buying anything until we find out the gender, which should be around the beginning of December, or else we will go broke. No joke.
2. Buying Christmas gifts. Yes, the Princess of Procrastination (my mom is the Queen) is actually buying Christmas gifts before December 20th. This year at work we are not getting our yearly bonuses until after January 1st. Usually, I use my bonus to buy all our Christmas presents, but since that’s not possible this year, Chase & I have already started the shopping. It’s actually been really helpful because it spreads out the cost over several months, and come January, we’ll have a bonus that we can hopefully spend on house stuff that we need.
3. Wanting to dress my niece or nephew in this, or this, or this.
4. The new season of the Office is back on!!
5. Did I mention that I have a niece/nephew coming in April? And that they will LOVE wearing this? Or perhaps even this?
6. I’ve finally pulled out all of my Fall decorations, and I’m waiting until the weather gets just a tad cooler until I start lighting my pumpkin spice candles!!
7. Chase got a full-time position at his bank (Praise the LORD!!), so he’ll be switching branches in October. Fortunately, it is just about the same distance from our house, so it won’t cost us any more in gas.

And on a side note, I completely embarrassed myself yesterday. To make a long story short(er), I’m driving down my street on my way home. There’s quite a few cars parked on the street and somehow the car coming from the other direction didn’t see me and we get positioned where he’s blocking my driveway. If he would have just backed up (I had my blinker on) I could have turned into the driveway. I couldn’t back up, because then he wouldn’t have been able to get by. So I had to pass my house a little bit to let him go by, and then I reversed so that I could pull into the driveway. Did you know that cars can’t jump curbs like SUVs can? I found that out yesterday. Apparently I didn’t reverse enough and I hit the curb turning into my driveway. It was loud. So I reverse AGAIN, and straighten out, still going over the grass a little, but at least I missed the curb.

Did I mention that my neighbor across the street was outside watering his yard and watching the whole scene going down?


Rach said...

LOL! I would have loved to be in the car with you...I would have been laughing so hard. I am such a great friend =]


you are a loser.

and i am utterly shocked you did not post about baby shoes!
i mean com'on!! BABY SHOES!