Monday, October 13, 2008

Some days I just want to crawl into a hole...

So to add to my embarrassment from the last post, Friday afternoon when I got home, got out of the car and went to lock it. Only my hand somehow got tangled in my keychain and I hit the panic button. So I'm desperately trying to find the stupid red panic button while the car horn is blaring. But when I look at the keychain, THERE IS NO RED PANIC BUTTON! So I sit there and stare at it for a few seconds (which felt like an eternity) before I finally realize that the panic button is on the BACK of the keychain. I turn it off and take one step towards the house when I hear, "Hey, your alarms going off, heh heh heh..." Same neighbor, only this time in my next-door neighbors yard, literally standing 20 feet away from me.

It doesn't help either that his wife gets home from work at the same time that I am leaving, and she witnesses my 5 trips back inside the house every single morning to retrieve all the things that I've forgotten (earrings, food, jacket, deodorant, umbrellas, keys, money, rings, etc.).

Or that every time I babysit Meredith's dog, it ALWAYS runs out the front door, and ALWAYS runs into this neighbors garage, so I have to go over there and hope he's either in his garage to help me get the dog, or hope that I'm really quiet so that he doesn't hear me chasing a dog through his garage. Usually, he just pets him, and tries to grab him, but can't then he just laughs at me trying to chase him down the street.

Can I move?


Rach said...

You know are so calm and collected around church...I had no idea you were really like this! =]

Celice said...

Hey Lauren! I didn't know YOU had a blog either! I just started mine to keep family update on what we were doing and why we have been MIA in every other part of our lives lately! Sounds like you guys fixed up your house at first too- You should post pics! Where are you guys living now? We should hang out sometime (Maybe watch THE OFFICE....we LOVE it too!)