Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008 in a nutshell

January – We went to San Antonio for 4 days for Chase’s birthday. It was our first getaway since our honeymoon and so far our last as well. But we had so much fun!

February – Valentine’s Day – we were completely broke, so instead of going out, Chase cooked dinner or me for the first time! AND he watched Roman Holiday with me. It was super sweet and he did a great job!

March – We had a SNOW day in early March - weird. We went to Florida with my family and had a blast! I celebrated my birthday while we were there too. I got my awesome camera from my hub.

April – There were lots of storms that month and we lost power more times than I can remember. At one point we were without power for about 4-5 days I think.

May – Chase started his job at the bank. It was a part-time position, so he was working 2 jobs for a while. Basically, it sucked.

June – The first time that Chase and I were both sick at the same time. Please Lord, never again.

July – Went to my grandparent’s house for the 4th. Don’t remember much else of what went on that month. Sad, I know.

August – Our 2 year anniversary! We went to the Ranger’s-Yankees game the night before (which we WON!), stayed at a hotel in FW, and ate at Charleston’s the next day (yum!). Chase surprised me with the hotel and by taking off the whole day from work. He’s sweet like that. J This was also the month that I found out I was getting a niece or nephew!

September – Went to my grandparent’s house for Labor Day. Mere and Brian went to Samoa for a 1 ½ weeks and I worried about her the whole time, lol. I think we went to a few Rangers’ games too.

October – Chase went full-time at the bank and switched locations…this was a HUGE answered prayer!

November – Started the kitchen demolition...enough said. Found out my sweet NIECE, Ella Grace, will be making her big debut in April. Read and loved Twilight. I went to Burkburnett with Chase’s mom and cousins for a family Thanksgiving get-together. Thanksgiving with the family.

December – Christmas! Had lots of activities and parties to attend. Project Nativity went great. Had my dreaded yearly review at work and I got a raise! Realized how sneaky my husband was when he surprised me with a White KitchenAid Stand Mixer like I’ve always wanted!! I was actually sick for the majority of the month, lost my voice for over a week (the week before Christmas and during Christmas).

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