Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby News:
I’m happy to report that the baby is approximately the size of a lemon this week. I’m not happy to report that the baby has made its existence visible, to me at least. I don’t have a bump, more like just some extra pudginess that was NOT there a few days ago. I had nothing on Saturday, and then I woke up Sunday thinking I was bloated…and that would have been my excuse except for the fact that it’s now Wednesday and normally people aren’t bloated for 4 days straight, ha.

Anyways, everything seems to be going good in my first official week of the 2nd trimester. It’s just going by so fast! I have an appointment on Friday, and then it’s just 4 more weeks until we know what we’re having…crazy! Hopefully I don’t gain too much weight between now and then. Of course, if I give in to my constant craving for hot dogs (seriously), I may resemble a walrus by the time baby gets here.

In other baby news, I’m still waiting on my sweet little niece to get here. I thought she might surprise us on my birthday, but since that didn’t happen, I think she’s just being stubborn now. I’m just glad Mere is finally able to get up and out of the house!

House News:
Ok, well technically we didn’t get them yet. We’ve ordered them, the countertops guys came out and did the final measurements, and now we’re just waiting to hear back from Home Depot to make sure we paid the correct amount (depending on if the estimate measurements were right or not). But then it should only be about 10-12 days before its ready! So excited! And we got a pretty new sink and faucet to go in once the countertops have been installed. I’m so ready for a nice looking kitchen!

Other Stuff:
My birthday this last Friday was good, especially since Chase was out of town all week and he got back in ON my birthday. That made it an extra good day! The bad part was when Chase and I went out to eat and an older man almost died in the restaurant. No kidding. I’ll spare the details here, but if you want to know just ask me about it. Saturday I did a little shopping with Meredith and then had a family birthday cookout at Aunt Gail’s house since we have lots of March birthdays on LeAnn’s side of the family. Then on Sunday we had my family bday lunch at my parent’s house. So it was just a great weekend!

I’ve got to start updating this more so my posts don’t turn out to be like novels...we'll see how that goes.

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