Tuesday, April 28, 2009


And he likes attention because the second I started typing he started moving around like crazy :) Must take after his daddy, haha.

We're going to name him Jackson Robert. Jackson, because it was the first boy name that we agreed on, and Robert, which is Chase's middle name and both of our maternal grandfather's names.

The appointment went extremely well. Jackson is not shy at all and spread his legs wide apart to let us have a clear view, thank goodness. Dr. M. said that he looked great, so we were so happy! He is growing just like he should. She didn't tell me to gain more weight this time...guess 1 month of pigging out made her happy with my weight gain. I've only gained 6 pounds overall so far, so I'm happy with that!

Now onto figuring out how I want to do his nursery! Chase told me I have full reign over the nursery decisions, as long as I stay away from boats...which I think are cute, but whatever. I'm thinking I'll probably do different patterns rather than having an actual theme...but we'll see. I'll try to post some pictures of nurseries I like once I gather up some favorites.


Brittany said...

I'm so happy for yall!! Let the spoiling begin!

dhunka said...

I am so excited for yall! I know Isaac and Jackson will be best little buddies!