Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Hope everyone had a happy Mother’s Day! I am so looking forward to next year when I get to celebrate it with my little man!

I am so blessed to have an AWESOME mom and Mother-in-law! I know of a lot of people who have issues or strained relationships with their mom’s and MIL’s and I and so thankful that I have two moms that I can count on for anything! Chase and I love them both so much!

I woke up and walked into the kitchen Sunday morning to find a gift bag on the table from Chase. He got me this beautiful figurine. I just love it! He is such a good gift-giver, unlike me. I try to get “thoughtful” gifts, but I usually spend so much time trying to find the perfect gift that I end up frustrated and just buy a gift card. Nice, huh?

We spent the morning at church and then my parents, Chase’s parents, Brian, Meredith, Ross, Ali, and Ella all came over for lunch. We had fajitas that were SO GOOD. We didn’t actually get to eat until almost 3:00 due to some problems with our grill, but it was worth the wait! Then we had Sopapilla Cheesecake for dessert…so yummy! Of course, I completely forgot to get my camera out, so I have absolutely no pictures.

It was just a relaxing afternoon, except for the part when I almost knocked LeAnn’s sweet tea right into her lap! Thank goodness she was quick on her feet because she got out of the way just in time. Wouldn’t that have been a nice Mother’s Day gift?!

And of course, I couldn’t go a post without some kind of update on Jackson :) Not much going on lately though. Just a bunch of growing (both of us, ha) and kicking (just him)! I go to the Dr. on Monday for my last monthly appt, and then I start going every 2 weeks. Where is the time going?!

Hope you all have a great week!

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dhunka said...

Love the figurine! Jacob got me a similar one when I was pregnant too. I cannot believe it is almost time for you to go into the dr every other week. The time really does fly well until you get into your last trimester. And then your like "get this thing out of me!" But other than that it is pretty amazing! HA!