Thursday, July 9, 2009


What in the world happened to June? How did that month pass by so quickly? And now July is already 1/3 of the way gone. It’s going to be Christmas before I know it!

Not much going on lately. I got my baby registries done! It was so much fun getting to pick out everything, although I still feel like I left stuff off. Oh well, I guess that’s what gift cards are for :)
We had a nice July 4th weekend. On Saturday we went with my parents and Ali to Tyler to visit my grandparents. My grandma has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks recovering from some seizures she had. Thankfully she is getting SO much better, and I think she should have already been moved to the rehab facility by now…I just forgot to ask my Dad if they moved her yet. We took my grandpa out to eat just to get him out of the hospital for a while. We went to this Chinese buffet and while we were eating I saw him wrap up some food in a napkin. Then I realized that it was the hard boiled eggs that had been on his plate (**here's where you ignore the questions 1) why would a Chinese buffet have deviled eggs? and 2) wouldn't those be gross after sitting out for a while? haha). Anyone that knows my grandma knows that hard boiled eggs are one of her FAVORITE foods and he was wrapping them up to take to her. It was just so cute. :) Probably a semi-health hazard, but still sweet. One thing that my grandma and I share is our love of FOOD, so I could tell that it meant a lot to her when we got back to the hospital.

We got home around 7pm and decided not to go watch fireworks and just rented a movie. I really wanted to go watch them, but I was so tired. Thankfully we didn’t go because the ones we would have gone to watch didn’t end up starting until close to midnight!

This week we’ve completely cleared out the nursery. It’s basically empty besides a bookshelf and the baby stuff that we already have (which is basically nothing!). We’re picking up the crib and changing table this weekend, then I just have to start looking for a dresser and a glider. So excited! I’m so ready to get that nursery done!

Next week is going to be so hectic…I don’t get home until after 5 everyday, and we have VBS everyday at 6:30. I have a feeling lots of fast food will be on the menu for next week! BLECH!! Not good considering I have a doctors appt next Friday. Hopefully the scale will be nice to me :) So far it's been ok, but I'm just waiting for the drastic jump in weight that I feel is inevitable.

Ok, got to get back to work…I’ll try to get some pics of the nursery and our progress if I think about it. Maybe one of my ever-growing belly too…
Until next time!

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