Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break!

It's hard to believe Spring Break is half way over! I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy a Spring Break in a few years, once I finished school and was working full-time, but that's the perk of babysitting a teacher's kid. We haven't done a whole lot this week, but it's been nice.
Monday - I was car-less, so I was forced to stay home and actually get some cleaning around the house done. Ali came over too and we did some top secret crafting. :)
Tuesday - My favorite! For my birthday, I told Chase I just was to go shopping with no baby. So me and the sisters were able to go out while my wonderful and brave in-laws watched Jackson and Ella. It was SO nice to be able to actually spend time digging the racks, and talking without little hands getting into everything, or the stench of a dirty diaper interrupting a great conversation. I love my kid, but it's nice to get a break sometimes! We went to eat at a tea room downtown, then headed to the mall. And apparently this trip was anointed, because for the first time IN MY LIFE, I went into the dressing room with several items, and THEY ALL FIT. That is probably the last time that will ever happen, and I'm okay with that. It happened, and it was wonderful.
Wednesday - Did a lot of hanging around and playing with Jackson in the morning before we ran to Hobby Lobby. Couldn't find anything I needed, so we came home and he took a nice long nap. Then once Chase got home, we drove out to Plano to look at a car. Not exactly my idea of fun, but whatever.
Thursday - not exactly sure what we have going on today. Busy day planned for today. Got a few errands to run, then a big painting project to work on, and trying to get some plans with my mom for lunch.

Well, off to finish enjoying the morning with my boy. We've got the windows open, Praise Baby on Pandora, full cups of coffee and milk, and "faffles" in the toaster. I love mornings like this!

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