Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thyroid, Shmyroid

Well, I don't really have any clear answers on what's going on with my thyroid. Last year, after some routine blood work, my thyroid levels were off. I then had an ultrasound performed which found a small nodule on a lobe of my thyroid. Yesterday, during my appointment, he was going over the things that the nodule could mean. Basically, it could either be (1) hyperthyroidism, (2) Grave's Disease, or (3) Thyroid cancer. He said that less than 5% of these things are cancerous, and since I haven't really shown any symptoms, other than fatigue and a little shakiness, that it's probably nothing to worry about. They did did more blood work, which came back normal, so that probably rules out hyperthyroidism as well. I'm hoping that they rule out the Graves disease, and that it's just a benign nodule that we can ignore. I am being sent back later this week to have another ultrasound, to see if there has been any growth in the nodule. If there has, then I'll probably have more tests. If not, then my doctor will just check it annually for the next 5 years or so.

I was also going to try a new recipe and post it on here, but I didn't get to cook it last night, and Jackson decided to wait until 4:30 today to take a nap, which was when I was supposed to run to the store to get ingredients for supper tonight. So, I guess we will either be eating sandwiches, or we will just eat a very late dinner. I did end up making this last night, which was REALLY good. I normally buy the original kind, but I figured we couldn't go wrong with cheese, and I was right!

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