Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

We went to my grandpa's lake house with my family on Memorial Day this year. It was so nice to just go and relax for the day...as much as you can relax while making sure your toddler doesn't run out into the lake. Thankfully, Meredith was smart and bought the kids some buckets and shovels which kept them so entertained. On the way there, I looked back to check on Jackson in the car (he was being so quiet, I was sure he was asleep), and this is what I found.

He was so serious too! Apparently he had put it on, and then just didn't care to take it off.

So of course Ella had to join in the bucket-wearing too. :) Silly girl!

Ella took lots of trips out to see "Crocodile Lake," as she called it. Thank you Dora.

She quickly figured out she could go out there as much as she wanted as long as she asked someone different to take her out there each time. Ha!

This is what they did the majority of the time though.

Jackson dumped out a pot of soil and had a blast playing in it...

...until he decided he would stick a handful of it in his mouth. Here's Aunt Mere trying to wash it all out.

And here's Jackson gagging and trying to spit it out. Hopefully he learned his lesson!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Jackson - 20 Months

I've been dreading this one for a while. I was okay telling people Jackson was "11 months old," "14 months old," or even "19 months old." But 20 months? Ugh. Now comes the dreaded answer, "He'll be 2 in September." 2. TWO. What?! From my monthly posts for Jack, it probably seems like I just sulk at every thought of him getting older. Which I do...not...maybe. :) But it's something I can't change, so I'm really trying to embrace it and enjoy each fleeting stage he goes through.

Jackson - you are 20 months old! I think you had another growth spurt because you seem to be so much taller these days. I found an old school picture of your daddy the other day, and you are starting to really look like him. You've always been a mixture, but I think you are definitely going to favor him (excluding your eyes and lips...and mommy's chubby cheeks. But don't worry, they will finally go away when you're about 13, ha!). Your blond hair has started to darken a little bit too. I think you sill stay blond for a while, but it's going to be a little darker than it's been over the last year. Your eyes have also started to change a little, much to your Pop's dismay. They are still blue, but they have some small spots of a grayish-green in them now too, so we're guessing that you'll end up with the same color eyes as me. When we went to the doctor last month, Dr. R. mentioned how muscular your legs were, and I've really started to notice that lately when I look at other kids. Your legs are so strong! Maybe you'll play soccer, or be a runner (just not football, please! haha).

All four of your eye teeth are working on coming through, and that has caused lots of trying days. You haven't had a new tooth in about 4 months, so I wasn't expecting 4 at once. I forgot how rough the teething process can be on you. I love that you're such a happy boy, because it is so obvious when you are not feeling well or when you are hurting.

Your vocabulary is growing so much everyday. You are constantly talking to me using words I didn't even know that you knew! You know basically all your letters, but your favorite things are still your colors and shapes. You LOVE to point out shapes everywhere we go. You also talk about trucks all the time. You have started crying when I come to pick you up from the nursery because you want to stay and play with the trucks, even though you know you have plenty at home to play with.

I think my favorite new thing this month is that you have started wanting to sing songs! We have always tried at home, but it was usually me singing and you just looking at me. But since you moved up to Sunday School, you love to sing all the songs that Grammy and Ms. Becky teach you. They told me that usually, you're the only kid that actually sings and dances, ha! Your favorites are "I'm in the Lord's Army," and "Deep and Wide." You also love to sing "Row, Row Row Your Boat," and "Twinkle, Twinkle." Although I think your love of those songs comes from a Dora episode. Have I mentioned that you are obsessed with Dora? Sheesh. You love Dora and Boots.

We are still struggling with getting you to eat a variety of foods. I'm really trying to introduce you to more things, but you really don't like much. You won't even eat macaroni and cheese, or ice cream! Thankfully, your doctor let me know about veggie burgers, so you eat a lot of those to get veggies into your diet. We're still working on getting you to eat more fruit as well. I think we'll have lots of smoothies this summer.

We only have a couple more weeks watching Logan, so I'm getting excited about all the things we can do this summer. I can't wait to take you swimming. Hopefully you love it even more than you did last year. I got you to stick your face in your bath water the other night, and you thought it was so much fun!

I almost forgot! You went potty in your little potty for the first time! You told me you had to go "poopoo," so I set you on the potty, and we sat, and sat, and sat. For about 20 minutes, but you finally went! I was so proud! You haven't shown much interest since then, so I'm not going to push it, but hopefully it's a start! I really didn't want to get a training potty, because I think I would rather change a dirty diaper than clean out the potty, but you do NOT like sitting on the big potty. And it's a good thing that I am so OCD when it comes to your potty being germ free, because when you're not using it, you wear it as a hat. Seriously. You're such a mess.

You are still the sweetest little boy, and you make me so happy to be your mommy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Not a very eventful Mother's Day weekend this year. And I have no pictures, because I bought new batteries for my camera, then left them at my parent's house.

Chase was out of town Friday night, so it was just Jackson and me. Nothing special to note there, except for the FLYING COCKROACH that showed up in my house at 1 am. OH MY WORD. I HATE roaches. Typically, if Chase is home, I run to the other side of the house in tears if I see one. We occasionally get them because of the creek that runs behind our house, but I honestly haven't seen one in over a year. So it only makes sense that one would show up on the one night that Chase was out of town. Not going to bore you with all the details, but just picture me standing in the kitchen chair, armed with about 15 shoes. I think I only had to throw about 5 of them before I finally killed the thing. It was awful. I had to go sit on the couch afterwards and calm down, my heart was beating so fast, and I was literally shaking. I cannot handle stuff like that. It's very high on the list of reasons why I will never divorce Chase!

Saturday, Jackson and I went to my parent's for a while and ran to Sam's with my mom. Jackson fell asleep on the way there, so I carried him through Sam's, which turned out to be a BAD idea. My neck and shoulder were hurting so bad on Sunday, and they are still hurting today. It makes me so sad that he is getting too big to carry around. I just want him to stay little!

Sunday didn't get off to a great start. We all overslept, so we were extremely rushed to get to church. Of course, Jackson and I were late, but that's normal! And along with my neck and shoulder hurting, I had an awful headache. I seriously rarely get headaches, so of course I would get one on Mother's Day. I did win the "Youngest Mother" award in church, so that was fun. 2 years in a row now! I guess it helps that I really don't have much competition.

After church, we went to Hunan Wok with my family and my in-laws. It was nice not to have to cook and clean up!

By the time we got home my head was hurting so bad I was almost sick, so I crawled in bed and slept for about 2 hours. I still didn't feel much better, so I stayed home that night while Chase went to church and Jackson went to his grandparents to play. I am so thankful to have both sets of grandparents close by, and that they are so willing to help out with Jackson. I try so hard not to take advantage of them, but I also know that they would watch Jackson at any opportunity, so I don't mind asking them to watch him every now and then.

Chase and Jackson got me a Willow Tree figurine, and I later realized how ironic it was. When I opened it, my thoughts were, "I could just hold Jackson like this forever!" Yesterday I looked at it, and realized, I held him like this for an hour on Saturday and I'm still feeling it! Ha!