Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

We went to my grandpa's lake house with my family on Memorial Day this year. It was so nice to just go and relax for the day...as much as you can relax while making sure your toddler doesn't run out into the lake. Thankfully, Meredith was smart and bought the kids some buckets and shovels which kept them so entertained. On the way there, I looked back to check on Jackson in the car (he was being so quiet, I was sure he was asleep), and this is what I found.

He was so serious too! Apparently he had put it on, and then just didn't care to take it off.

So of course Ella had to join in the bucket-wearing too. :) Silly girl!

Ella took lots of trips out to see "Crocodile Lake," as she called it. Thank you Dora.

She quickly figured out she could go out there as much as she wanted as long as she asked someone different to take her out there each time. Ha!

This is what they did the majority of the time though.

Jackson dumped out a pot of soil and had a blast playing in it...

...until he decided he would stick a handful of it in his mouth. Here's Aunt Mere trying to wash it all out.

And here's Jackson gagging and trying to spit it out. Hopefully he learned his lesson!

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