Sunday, July 3, 2011

Caught Red Handed

I was told my whole life that a I was a "climber" when I was little. I believe I was about 6 months old when I managed to climb out of my crib. And a year old when I climbed and flipped over the couch. I also regularly climbed the kitchen cabinets to try to get to the candy that was stashed on top of our refigerator. So I not very surprised to find THIS last week. I was folding laundry, and he was playing quietly in his room (when I checked on him a few minutes before, we was sitting in the floor looking at one of his books). I heard some weird noise, which I figured was one of Jackson's old crinkly books, but figured I'd better go check it out just in case. Good thing! It was his package of wipes that was sitting on top of his changing table! He was just sitting on top of his changing table pulling out wipe after wipe. So naturally, I ran and grabbed my camera. Ha! (It wasn't far, and I knew he was too interested in the wipes to try and get down that fast.) I believe the look on his face is his, "Um...did I do something wrong?" look.

I've caught him a few more times, and he has gotten in trouble everytime. I did catch him the other day starting to climb it, and when he saw me, he jumped off and yelled, "No climbing!"

Haha! At least I know he's listening!

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