Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jack's 2nd Birthday Party

**Warning: Picture overload....**

My motto for this year's birthday party for Jackson was NO STRESS. I actually LOVE trying to plan and go all out with parties and stuff, but this year I was just pooped out. Plus Jackson is in a phase where he's not a fan of being the center of attention, or having people make a big deal out of anything he does, so I knew that the smaller and more mellow, the better. I just wanted everyone to have fun and not worry about anything. So we went to a park last Saturday morning and had donuts, let the kids play on the playground, and just enjoyed every one's company! I was apparently a little too laid back though, because I was terrible at taking pictures. Oh, well. Here's the few I did get (most that Ali took for me).

Ready to go!

His "cake." Definitely not professional, ha!

We tried and tried to get that candle to stay lit, but it was just way too windy.

This was his expression while we were singing to him. I'm just glad he didn't cry!

Digging in!

Sweet Ella digging in.

Time to run off the sugar-high!

This picture makes it look like he was actually interested in opening his presents, but as soon as we got to the first toy, he didn't care about anything else!

Checking out his farm from Pop and Yaya.

Finally getting his red birthday bicycle!

This was the toy of choice though, haha.

We couldn't get him to put it down, even for a picture!

I'm so glad he had fun and wasn't too overwhelmed. He seemed to have a blast, and I hope everyone else did too!

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