Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jackson - 2 years

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

It's so hard to believe that you are 2 years old. How have the past 2 years gone by so quickly?! Everyone warned me that they would, and they were SO right. The time has flown.

We haven't been to your well child checkup, so I'm not sure about your measurements, but I think you're probably about 26 or 27 pounds.

You are really starting to come out of your shell...sort of. Around other people, you are pretty much glued to my side lately. You haven't been as excited to go to the nursery or other places like you used to be, but I'm hoping that it's just a phase. Now at home, well, that's a total different story. You have become SO loud! That has never been a word I used to describe you. I don't know if you just figured out that you can be noisy, or what, but you have definitely learned to use those vocal chords. You love to run around the house and sing me songs (your current favorites are "Mary Had a Little Lamb," "Old MacDonald," "ABC's," and the song from Choo-choo Soul.) I just love hearing you sing! I'm still trying to get it on video, but you usually won't let me.

You sleep about 10-11 hours each night, usually going to bed around 9. Your naps are a struggle. Some days, they are non-existent, and other days, you sleep for about 2 hours. I'm not ready to give up on them completely. You are still my cuddle buddy, but definitely not as much as you used to be. You especially love to cuddle and play with your Daddy on the weekends when he's home.

You surprise me everyday with the things you say. You really pick up on words other people use. You are really into all your letters right now. Everywhere we go you have to point them out on signs, cars, or whatever, and tell me what sound they make. You have also started this game where you tell us what animal your food looks like. It all started on day when you told us your cracker looked like a shoe (which it did), but now almost every time you eat, you inspect your food and tell us what animal it resembles (which it usually doesn't, ha!). You are so silly. **As I'm typing this, you're sitting here eating donuts with me, telling me that your breakfast looks like a turtle - and it kind of does! ha!

You are still such a picky eater. Getting you to eat 3 meals a day is a challenge. Your favorite foods are probably refried beans, mashed potatoes, chicken (of any kind), and yogurt. And of course, any sweet food you can get your hands on. You also drink a lot of milk. I've actually had to cut back on how much milk I give you because you would probably just drink it all day and not eat any solid foods if you could. We usually just do a cup when you wake up, and another sometime after dinner.

You are so much fun, Jack. I can't wait to watch you grow this next year. You're in for a big change with a little brother or sister coming in April, and I am praying that it's an easy adjustment. But I know that even if it's rough in the beginning, you are going to be an amazing big brother. Daddy and I love you so much, and we are so blessed to be your parents!

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