Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Silly Jackson moments

I've been pretty good about getting my weekly pregnancy posts up that I've totally slacked on writing much about Jackson! So here's some pics from my phone from the past month. He is keeping me on my toes!

Chase and Jackson both fell asleep waiting for my sonogram...I love my boys. :)

At Thanksgiving, they let the dog in the house, and apparently Jackson was scared becuase he DOVE into the toy box! It was hilarious. He refused to get out until I came and pulled him out.

Tried to get a good picture of Jackson and Makenna...ha! We should have known better.

My silly boy playing in the playhouse on Thanksgiving. (I should note that I did not take this picture. Daniel did. Jackson would never let me get a cute picture of him. :) )

Crashed while my mom and I were out shopping. He slept like this for 45 minutes! I love my hard sleeper!
Eating a chocolate muffin - yes, I shared :)

Sweet cousins. These two are in for some big changes in the next few months!

We popped the lenses out of some 3D glasses a while back so that Jackson could play with them. He recently re-discovered them and insists that they are mine, and I need to wear them all the time. Such a mess!

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