Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cooper - 3 Months

Cooper, you are 3 months old!You probably weigh about 12 pounds, but I won't know your stats until your 4 month appt.You are in a size 2 diaper. You are still nursing exclusively, but you're not a little piggy like your brother was, so I probably won't start solids for another few months. You are sleeping pretty well at night. I usually get a 5 hour stretch, then you wake about evey 2-3 hours after that. You take a few short naps during the day, but usually take a 2-3 hour nap in the late afternoon.You take your naps in your crib, but you're still in mommy and daddy's room at night - for no reason other than the fact that I just don't want to put you in your room yet. :)You are such a happy boy! It doesn't take much to make you smile. You love to be tickled, especially right around your neck. We can get you laughing pretty easily that way. You LOVE to watch Jackson play, and listen to your daddy whistle and sing to you. The only times you really get fussy is when you're sleepy, or when you have gas. You are still a wiggle worm. I don't think you ever stay still! You don't cuddle much because you just want to face outward and see what everyone is doing. I soak up the rare times that you let me snuggle with you. You do let me rock you to sleep, and I just LOVE to do it!Your big brother thinks you are just the best. He can't give you enough hugs and kisses lately. He tells me pretty often that he wants you to "be bigger" so that he can play with you. You are the sweetest baby and I'm so happy you're ours!