Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swim lessons 2013

I decided to put Jackson in swim lessons this summer again. He is such a cautious kid, I knew he wouldn't be thrilled, but he also tends to take a little more risk for people other than Chase and me, so I figured it was the only shot I had this summer of getting him used to the pool. 

Can you tell how excited he was?

The first day was rough, but he gradually warmed up to it. 2nd day was great, but right at the end he got water in his mouth, and I think he was ready to call it quits for good. Which probably explains why the 3rd day was a nightmare. But we just came home from the 4th day, and it went significantly better! I'm hoping our 4 days next week go well. 

We also discovered that a friend's little girl was in his class too, so it's been cute to see them have fun together. 

He's so funny, that every time an instructor comes to get him in the pool for his turn, he hesitates, and half the time, instead of swimming or floating, he just tries to talk and have discussions with them. I think he spent the whole 3rd day talking to them about Angry Birds, as if he were trying to distract them from actually make him practice swimming, ha! Too bad they caught on and used it against him. I think I heard and instructor today say "Kick your feet like the bad piggies are chasing you and you're and angry bird!" It worked though!

Cooper has gone with me a couple times, and that kid just wants in the pool! I have a feeling that he won't be quite so cautious when he's old enough to take lessons!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jackson funnies

3 year old are so funny :)

Jackson, watching me sweep the kitchen: "Momma, did you know that a Swiffer broom works better than a regular broom?"

While I'm brushing my teeth...
J: Are your teeth yellowing?
Me: yes, everyone's teeth get a little yellow.
J: Do you need some Colgate Total?

-maybe he'll go into advertising when he gets older??? Ha!-

J brought me a truck: "Do you know what this is on the back of the truck?" Me: "It's a cage!" J: "No, it's a triangular prism." And he was right. What?!

J: Am I little?
Me: Well, your smaller than me.
J: So you're big?
Me: Bigger than you.
J: So that means Daddy is extra large!

Jackson saw me wearing a pair of socks I had borrowed from my sister...
J: Why are you wearing those socks?
Me: Remember, I borrowed them from Aunt Ali.
J: Borrow means you're going to give the back. I think you just stole them.

After going to Petsmart to look at animals...
Me: Ok, it's time to go.
J: But we didn't get to see the horses, unicorns, and cows!
(He was completely serious)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cooper - 10 Months

Cooper - You are 10 months old!

You finally hit 15 lbs (barely) and you're probably still around 28 in (40%). We're still watching your weight, but you eat so much, and you are SO ACTIVE, I'm not too concerned. You are such a fun baby!

Baby food is dead to you. Actually, you pretty much dislike anything that I have to spoon feed you (you'll still let me feed you yogurt). You are such a good eater! You will eat any veggie or fruit I give you. You love the pouches that you can feed yourself. You're still nursing about every 3-4 hours, and you still take a pacifier at nap time and bedtime.

Sleep is getting better. You usually go to bed around 8 p.m. And only wake up once to eat, around 4 am. Then you sleep until around 7 a.m. Naps are good. You take 2 2-hour naps, as long as we're at home. You don't like to nap on-the-go. You want your bed!

You are walking. practically running. Most people could tell by the time you were a couple weeks old that you would be a mover, and we couldn't have been more right. I don't see us taking down the baby gates anytime soon, because you want to get into everything. You have a new bruise every other day because you don't slow down, which ultimately means you fall. A LOT. But you're pretty tough, because you rarely cry about it. You are so full of personality! You have started dancing to music, and you wave and say "bye-bye!" you will also kid of say "Dada," "Jack Jack," and "Yaya." You light up when your daddy gets home everyday. You also love when you're brother wakes up in the mornings. I'm pretty sure that your disappointed on the mornings that you get up before he does. You look for him and babble about him until he wakes up. It's pretty much adorable.

You are so much fun, Cooper. You teach me something new everyday, and I'm so glad you're a part of our family. I can't wait to see what the next few months are like!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cooper - 9 Months

Cooper - You are 9 months old! Time is flying.

At your check-up, you were 14.12 lbs (<1%) and 28 in (40%). Your doctor isn't too concerned about your weight, because you are so active and hitting all of your milestones (early, at that!) but we're going to keep an eye out, just to make sure you continue to gain weight. You eat like a little piggy, so I really think you just burn off everything you eat, because you are SOOO active. You definitely keep me on my toes.

You have started eating table foods pretty much full-time. Spoon-feeding you is a challenge these days, because you prefer to feed yourself. You let me feed you yogurt, but that's about it. The baby food and applesauce pouches that you can hold yourself have been lifesavers. You love eating cheese, broccoli, and pretty much anything I set on your tray. You're still nursing as well, but you would probably quit if I let you. You still take a pacifier, and breaking you of that is going to be tough...I'm not looking forward to it!

Sleep is still, eh, not great. I would love to let you fuss a little at night to see if you coould go without eating, but since you're so small, I really feel like I need to get up and feed you if you wake up (and your doctor agrees). I definitely don't mind, but it does make for one tired momma! You're still waking up every 3-4 hours, but usally I have you back in bed within about 10 minutes. But you are becoming SUCH a good napper! You're taking 2 naps a day, usually about 2 hours long. It's so nice because I can get some stuff done around the house and play with Jackson.

Before you were born, I told people that I would be perfectly happy if it took you 18 months before you started walking. Well, that did NOT happen. You are practically walking now, and I'm pretty sure you will be running a marathon within the next few weeks :) You are in such a hurry to go everywhere! You have also really started to try to climb on anything. We have to keep all the bedroom doors closed, we have 3 baby gates up at all times, and pretty much anything breakable is out of your reach, because if you can get into it, you will. But you are SO MUCH FUN! You are such a joy, and you make me laugh all the time. You are still absolutely crazy about your brother, and watching you two interact is so fun. You notice when he's not here, and will look around the house for him. You've also started cuddling with me and your daddy (just a little bit), which is just so sweet.

You are such a happy baby. You rarely ever fuss, and have such a sweet personality. You are nothing like I imagined you would be, and you are teaching me so much about being a mommy (even though I thought I knew everything after I had Jackson, ha!) and I'm so glad you're ours!