Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cooper - 9 Months

Cooper - You are 9 months old! Time is flying.

At your check-up, you were 14.12 lbs (<1%) and 28 in (40%). Your doctor isn't too concerned about your weight, because you are so active and hitting all of your milestones (early, at that!) but we're going to keep an eye out, just to make sure you continue to gain weight. You eat like a little piggy, so I really think you just burn off everything you eat, because you are SOOO active. You definitely keep me on my toes.

You have started eating table foods pretty much full-time. Spoon-feeding you is a challenge these days, because you prefer to feed yourself. You let me feed you yogurt, but that's about it. The baby food and applesauce pouches that you can hold yourself have been lifesavers. You love eating cheese, broccoli, and pretty much anything I set on your tray. You're still nursing as well, but you would probably quit if I let you. You still take a pacifier, and breaking you of that is going to be tough...I'm not looking forward to it!

Sleep is still, eh, not great. I would love to let you fuss a little at night to see if you coould go without eating, but since you're so small, I really feel like I need to get up and feed you if you wake up (and your doctor agrees). I definitely don't mind, but it does make for one tired momma! You're still waking up every 3-4 hours, but usally I have you back in bed within about 10 minutes. But you are becoming SUCH a good napper! You're taking 2 naps a day, usually about 2 hours long. It's so nice because I can get some stuff done around the house and play with Jackson.

Before you were born, I told people that I would be perfectly happy if it took you 18 months before you started walking. Well, that did NOT happen. You are practically walking now, and I'm pretty sure you will be running a marathon within the next few weeks :) You are in such a hurry to go everywhere! You have also really started to try to climb on anything. We have to keep all the bedroom doors closed, we have 3 baby gates up at all times, and pretty much anything breakable is out of your reach, because if you can get into it, you will. But you are SO MUCH FUN! You are such a joy, and you make me laugh all the time. You are still absolutely crazy about your brother, and watching you two interact is so fun. You notice when he's not here, and will look around the house for him. You've also started cuddling with me and your daddy (just a little bit), which is just so sweet.

You are such a happy baby. You rarely ever fuss, and have such a sweet personality. You are nothing like I imagined you would be, and you are teaching me so much about being a mommy (even though I thought I knew everything after I had Jackson, ha!) and I'm so glad you're ours!

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