Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jackson funnies

3 year old are so funny :)

Jackson, watching me sweep the kitchen: "Momma, did you know that a Swiffer broom works better than a regular broom?"

While I'm brushing my teeth...
J: Are your teeth yellowing?
Me: yes, everyone's teeth get a little yellow.
J: Do you need some Colgate Total?

-maybe he'll go into advertising when he gets older??? Ha!-

J brought me a truck: "Do you know what this is on the back of the truck?" Me: "It's a cage!" J: "No, it's a triangular prism." And he was right. What?!

J: Am I little?
Me: Well, your smaller than me.
J: So you're big?
Me: Bigger than you.
J: So that means Daddy is extra large!

Jackson saw me wearing a pair of socks I had borrowed from my sister...
J: Why are you wearing those socks?
Me: Remember, I borrowed them from Aunt Ali.
J: Borrow means you're going to give the back. I think you just stole them.

After going to Petsmart to look at animals...
Me: Ok, it's time to go.
J: But we didn't get to see the horses, unicorns, and cows!
(He was completely serious)

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