Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swim lessons 2013

I decided to put Jackson in swim lessons this summer again. He is such a cautious kid, I knew he wouldn't be thrilled, but he also tends to take a little more risk for people other than Chase and me, so I figured it was the only shot I had this summer of getting him used to the pool. 

Can you tell how excited he was?

The first day was rough, but he gradually warmed up to it. 2nd day was great, but right at the end he got water in his mouth, and I think he was ready to call it quits for good. Which probably explains why the 3rd day was a nightmare. But we just came home from the 4th day, and it went significantly better! I'm hoping our 4 days next week go well. 

We also discovered that a friend's little girl was in his class too, so it's been cute to see them have fun together. 

He's so funny, that every time an instructor comes to get him in the pool for his turn, he hesitates, and half the time, instead of swimming or floating, he just tries to talk and have discussions with them. I think he spent the whole 3rd day talking to them about Angry Birds, as if he were trying to distract them from actually make him practice swimming, ha! Too bad they caught on and used it against him. I think I heard and instructor today say "Kick your feet like the bad piggies are chasing you and you're and angry bird!" It worked though!

Cooper has gone with me a couple times, and that kid just wants in the pool! I have a feeling that he won't be quite so cautious when he's old enough to take lessons!